Our goal is to make the whole world a better place.

Meet MoneyWithoutBorders Team.


Afifi Alaouie


Afifi Alaouie was born in Liberia. She is an actress, known for her role in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995), Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) and Out for Justice (1991). She is a spokesperson for moneywithoutborders.club, which she also leads. Her vision is to bring TV show personalities and other celebrities on this nonpolitical platform to promote immigrants, poor people, and students, as she herself was a poor African who made it to America and lived the American dream.

„There is nothing stronger than a soft soul”


Kent Kristensen


Kent Kristensen’s philosophy is to help all. He is a banking pioneer and visionary with more than 30 years of finance and banking experience. Twenty years ago, he disrupted the remittance industry by creating Club World Connect in 1999, which he later sold in 2009.

Using his unique experience and knowledge, he is moving full speed ahead towards his life-long goal, the creation of MessengerBank, the kindest bank in the world. MessengerBank is a remittance bank based on blockchain technology. It offers its services through One World Messenger and our three tokens #MBCT, #MBIT, #MBMT is put in place to provide the unbanked with smart banking experience and to create stability for them and their families.

Kent is now working with Afifi promoting our partner MoneyWithoutBorders, a non-affiliated and non-profit organization, we are empowering and improving humanity by banking the world’s 2.6 billion unbanked. Our goal and that of our partners is to ultimately achieve new age banking.


Mogens Garbenfeldt


MessengerBank, Club World Connect CFO, Danhill Energy Solution, Danhill Marketing Managing Director Owner, Xpenco Europe ApS Founder CEO, Garand International trading A/S Managing director Education: Syddansk Erhvervsskole.